Installation and technical upgrade

installation et mise à niveau technique

• Telus – Technical installation and modification on various cellular sites in eastern Canada region for many technologies as LTE, HSPA, IDEN, PCS.
• Telus switch – Installation of power system, cable tray, grounding, power cable, optical fiber and more.
• Rogers – Installation and modification on several cellular shelter on different type of equipments as; Power bay, battery, Cisco switch, optical fiber, mux and cabling, fiber termination and splicing, microwave radio, including test and verification for all equipments.
• Rogers switch – Upgrade, installation and test on power system, data and optical fiber.
• Videotron – Power system installation and upgrade on over 400 cellular sites.
• Videotron – Installation and upgrade for in building cellular radio.
• Cogeco – Manufacturing and test of various distribution cabinets.
• Ericsson – Cellular radio cabinet installation and power cabinet on specials projects (Research laboratory) in Canada, United States and Sweden.
• Ericsson switch – Telecommunication equipment’s installation in research center.
• Ericsson switch – Installation of cellular radio equipment room (Power systems, radios and transmission).
• Siemens – Manufacturing and commissioning a data and voice transmission prototype in James Bay (200 sites in 3 months).
• Several other projects.